CNC Machine Licenses, Certifications, Schooling

CNC operators are important to the manufacturing process. The operator is the person who programs the design and is the first step in the creation of a product.  An operator must know what they are doing in order to assure proper uniform, and clarity of cuts on the material. An operator can become certified in CNC machine operation.  Most programs last a year and specialize in particular programs. Some schools offer 2-year degrees for understanding manufacturing technology.

The programs can include blueprint reading, CNC milling and lathe programming, precision measurement, technical mathematics, CAM/CAD programs, and robotics. Prerequisites for attending CNC school is a high school diploma, or GED.

After studying, operators may have a hard time finding a job. There is a projected decline in operating jobs due to computer controlled machines. The decrease is because of the advancements in technology and human interaction is becoming obsolete. A person can be projected to make anywhere from $30,000- $40,000.