Description of DYI Homemade CNC Machines


Some operators choose to create their own CNC machine. This can be successful, but many questions should be asked.

  1. How much does a person want to spend?
  2. How much time can be spend on creating machine?
  3. What type of projects need to be created?
  4. IS this machine for hobbyist or making money?
  5. What material will a person be using?

Different types of CNC Machines and Uses

3D Printer- additive layers upon layers to create product

  • Materials used is plastic, metal, even food
  • Low resolution printer is 2000, high is 2500 higher+
  • Pretty easy to create with a kit
  • Low time creation

Plasma Table- uses a torch to cut material away

  • Cost- low if operator has steel in stock, high if materials are not already owned
  • Difficulty medium – if experience with welding, an fabrication projects
  • Time- Medium- bigger than a 3D printer

Milling Machine

  • Medium to high cost because of CNC parts, and software purchase (CAD/CAM)
  • Difficulty- High- must understand medium amount of manual machining
  • Time- High unless kits/parts and plans are reordered.